The number of people showing interest in teeth whitening keeps increasing every day. The questions these people ask are similar, and we believe that you may have the same questions as well. If you are thinking of going for teeth whitening, go through these frequently asked questions on teeth whitening to have answers that shed light on issues that relate to teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

How Can I Reduce or Eliminate Sensitivity or Discomfort Felt during Teeth Whitening Procedure?

If you experience any sensitivity during the procedure, you can follow the tips below to reduce it:

  1. Reduce the amount of time used in wearing the tray
  2. Stop the whitening process for one to three days for your teeth to adjust to the procedure.
  3. Request for a high fluoride-containing product to remineralize the teeth. Use the fluoride product a few minutes before using the teeth whitening procedure
  4. Use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth to brush your teeth to soothe your teeth.

Is Any Follow-Up Needed After Having A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

After a few days of having the procedure, your dentist may ask you to come for a check-up to examine your gums. If you had the procedure at home under the supervision of a dentist, you would have to go for an examination after a week of application and again after a few weeks.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening Toronto?

Going for teeth whitening Toronto offers the following benefits:

  1. It boosts self-confidence.
  2. It kills bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. It helps you to smile confidently.
  4. It enhances your self-esteem.

Are Home-Made Whitening Products Safe?

Generally, home-made whitening products are safe for use when used cautiously or judiciously. Extended use of some chemicals can have severe effects on your dental health.

Can I Whiten My Teeth While I Am Pregnant?

Although there are no reports of adverse or side effects of teeth whitening on pregnant women or their babies, you are advised to wait until after delivery before you undergo teeth whitening Toronto.

Teeth whitening is safe and harmless. However, you must contact a professional dentist to have it done for you to prevent any issues during or after the procedure. Your dental health is essential, treat with caution by contacting your dental clinic for your dental procedures.