Even though it is wonderful, being a parent is a tough job. You want to help your child have the best life possible, without any troubles or worries. But, sometimes, while we are trying to help them, we end up hurting them instead.

Should You Pull a Loose Baby Tooth?

A good example of this is when parents decide to pull a loose baby tooth using severe and dangerous methods. To avoid doing damage to your child’s oral health, follow this short guide on the do’s and don’ts of pulling a loose tooth:

The Doorknob Method

Many of us have heard about “the doorknob method”. Contrary to popular opinion, this technique might damage your child’s tooth. Parents that try this usually end up at the dental clinic because they either cracked the tooth or pulled a root by mistake.

If you haven’t heard of it, “the doorknob method” involves a rope and doorknob. One end of the rope is tied to the tooth, while the other to a doorknob. After tying, you open or shut the door, so that the tooth is pulled out.

The Don’ts

Besides using a door to extract your child’s tooth, there are other equally dangerous methods that people have tried. Most parents will get chills when hearing them since they are in their core very aggressive and not fun at all. Other methods you must not use under any circumstances are:

  • Tying the tooth to a dog collar and letting the dog run afterward
  • Tying the tooth to a ball and throwing it away
  • Pulling out the tooth with dirty hands

What is Important?

The most important thing you should have in mind is the oral health of your child. Don’t think of quick solutions that will compromise your child’s physical and mental health. Many children are afraid to pull out a tooth, especially if it’s their first time.

Another important thing you should know is that the tooth should fall off on its own. Leave it be and patiently wait for it to fall off.

But, if your child is persistent and wants the tooth removed, you could try a couple of other methods. Of course, not the ones found in old-wives tales, but more gentle and subtle ones.

The Do’s

When you put gentleness on the top of your priority’s list, the methods for pulling out will come on their own. Remember that a loose baby tooth is completely natural and that every person has to go through that phase. Here are the completely safe options you should try:

  • Wiggling the tooth with a gaze or clean tissue
  • Eating apples or carrots (the tooth will fall on its own)
  • Put slight pressure on the gums above the tooth with a gaze or clean tissue

Usually, these methods are painless and safe. However, there have been situations where bleeding and infections occurred afterward. If the next morning your child wakes up in pain, immediately schedule an appointment with the dentist.

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