Your teeth won’t stay healthy on their own. To get the most out of your teeth and to avoid costly dental procedures, try to change your actions for the better. According to psychology, everything that we do is a habit, and it takes approximately 21 days to create a new one.

Don’t worry if you cannot say no to potato chips! After avoiding it for 21 days straight, it won’t even taste that delicious! When you already learned how you have the power to create new and positive habits, why don’t you use it for improving your oral health?

6 Good Habits for Healthy Teeth

Here are 6 great habits for keeping your teeth nice and shiny:

Proper Nutrition

Tooth decay and cavities are very common in this day and age. Their rise in the modern era isn’t shocking at all, considering the poor food quality on the market. Sugar and acid are everywhere, and one should carefully pick which ingredients to consume.

For maintaining healthy teeth, you need to be on a healthy diet. Consult with your dental clinic and private nutritionist to find the ideal diet for your oral health. Avoid sweets, alcohol, and cigarettes on behalf of almonds, water, veggies, and fruits.

Brushing the Right Way

Truth be told, brushing your teeth doesn’t matter much if you are doing it the wrong way. In fact, brushing too hard can wear off your enamel, causing tooth sensitivity. That is why you should carefully listen to your dentist’s advice.

Purchase soft toothbrushes, use fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly, and rinse your mouth after every meal. Catching every corner and removing leftover food is the key to preventing bacteria buildups and cavities.

Regular Dental Appointments

A significant amount of bacteria is removed just by regular and proper brushing. However, some substances are extremely resistant and can withstand the severe detox from a toothpaste. That is why no matter how hard we try to maintain our oral health, certain problems are bound to occur.

To avoid concerns and expensive procedures, diagnose your tooth problems early on. Additionally, do a professional dental cleanup at least once a year. The special toothpaste and tools they use at the dental clinic are much stronger than the regular ones you use at home.

Tongue Cleaning

Many people either forget or don’t want to show their tongues proper care. Little do they know that the tongue loves gathering bacteria. This not only makes it look all rusty and white, but it also creates the perfect environment for cavities and tooth decay.

Tongue cleaning should be done at least once a day. Remember to use a separate toothbrush than the one for your teeth. If removing debris from your tongue with a toothbrush isn’t that effective, don’t be afraid to try other methods. Use floss or a metal spoon to gather and remove the bacteria.

No Sweet or Acidic Products

We already talked about how the food which you consume determines your oral health. Drinking water, eating kale and chewing on parsley always helps, but it won’t be that efficient if you mix it up with sweets and acids. Here are the top things you should avoid for proper oral care:

  • Citrus & lemon
  • Coffee
  • Dried fruits
  • Dry candies
  • Chips & soda
  • Sport and energy drinks
  • Alcohol & cigars
  • Bread & pasta
  • Apple cider vinegar

Use Scissors

All of us have been tempted to use our teeth as a household gadget. Opening up a nail polish or removing a price tag can be done with many tools other than your teeth. To maintain proper oral care, you must stop using your teeth as scissors and pliers.

This not only causes tremendous pain, but it also traumatizes our teeth, making it easier for tooth sensitivity, damage, and decay. To fix this nasty habit, you just need to go to the dollar store and purchase some equipment that will fit in a handbag!

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